Vercel (previously zeit) is similar to Netlify, making deployment of sites easy. The sites are hosted by Vercel and automatically deployed whenever we push a commit to our selected production branch (e.g, master).

    If you don't have an account with Vercel, you can sign up here.

    Automatic deploys

    Once you sign up you can import your site from a Git provider (Github, GitLab or Bitbucket). After the import, you can set the settings for your project.

    • Choose Framework Preset as Other
    • Build command as zola build and make sure toggle on Override switch.
    • By default Vercel chooses output directory as public, if you use a different directory then specify output directory.
    • To add your own domain, go to domain setting in left and add it there.

    All we have to is include a vercel.json in our project's root directory by specifying the ZOLA_VERSION we want to use to deploy the site.

      "build": {
        "env": {
          "ZOLA_VERSION": "0.12.0"

    And your site should now be up and running.