After running zola init, you should see the following structure in your directory:

    ├── config.toml
    ├── content
    ├── sass
    ├── static
    ├── templates
    └── themes
    5 directories, 1 file

    Here's a high-level overview of each of these directories and config.toml.


    A mandatory Zola configuration file in TOML format. This file is explained in detail in the configuration documentation.


    Contains all your markup content (mostly .md files). Each child directory of the content directory represents a section that contains pages (your .md files).

    To learn more, read the content overview page.


    Contains the Sass files to be compiled. Non-Sass files will be ignored. The directory structure of the sass folder will be preserved when copying over the compiled files; for example, a file at sass/something/site.scss will be compiled to public/something/site.css.


    Contains any kind of file. All the files/directories in the static directory will be copied as-is to the output directory. If your static files are large, you can configure Zola to hard link them instead of copying them by setting hard_link_static = true in the config file.


    Contains all the Tera templates that will be used to render your site. Have a look at the templates documentation to learn more about default templates and available variables.


    Contains themes that can be used for your site. If you are not planning to use themes, leave this directory empty. If you want to learn about themes, see the themes documentation.