Zola will look for a sitemap.xml file in the templates directory or use the built-in one.

    If your site has more than 30 000 pages, it will automatically split the links into multiple sitemaps, as recommended by Google:

    All formats limit a single sitemap to 50MB (uncompressed) and 50,000 URLs. If you have a larger file or more URLs, you will have to break your list into multiple sitemaps. You can optionally create a sitemap index file (a file that points to a list of sitemaps) and submit that single index file to Google.

    In such a case, Zola will use a template called split_sitemap_index.xml to render the index sitemap.

    The sitemap.xml template gets a single variable:

    • entries: all pages of the site, as a list of SitemapEntry

    A SitemapEntry has the following fields:

    permalink: String;
    updated: String?;
    extra: Hashmap<String, Any>?;

    The split_sitemap_index.xml also gets a single variable:

    • sitemaps: a list of permalinks to the sitemaps